Greg Gunn

99c Only Stores

99 Cents  Only Stores

Using Stop Motion And Knolled Objects, 99 Cents Only Stores Encourages You To Do The 99.

If you’ve ever visited a 99 Cents Only Store then you know how vast their offerings are. This may overwhelm some, but to those keen—and perhaps a little eccentric—observers, it’s the only place to find that special something they’ve been looking for. In this case, those somethings are an oversized emoji bouncy ball and a mariachi snowman.



Client: 99¢ Only Stores
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Production Company: Blind
Director of Photography:  Andrew Truong
Line Producer: Jon Chavez
Animation: Belinda Rodriguez, Kyle, Greg Gunn
Compositing: Yosh Bolivar, John Robson
Music: Marmoset
Mix: Adam Sanborne