Greg Gunn

Bates Motel

Mother, What Have You Done?

Ever find yourself debating whether to binge watch a show to get caught up, just so you can watch the season premiere? It’s a commitment, to say the least.

A&E challenged me to design a way for new and returning viewers to quickly catch up Bates Motel—without having to binge three seasons first. Not only was the goal to attract new viewers, but also give the die-hards something special to experience and investigate.


The end result is a rich, interactive tapestry of the entire Bates Motel narrative. Using design, animation and video, users cautiously scroll their way through the tumultuous timeline of the Bates family and uncover the underbelly of White Pine Bay.

Follow the uncomfortably close relationship of Norman and his mother at



Client: A&E
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Production Company: Blind
Producer: Scott Rothstein
Development: Rishabh Aggarwal
Illustration: Belinda Rodriguez, Meir Lee, Paul Kim, Rachelle Moon, Ram Bhat
UI Design: Meir Lee
Animation: Daniel Zhang, Pablo Robleto, Wu Hyun Lew, Yosh Bolivar
Storyboards: Ben Kendall, Karen Wang
Editor: Ryan Dahlman
Sound & Music: Adam Sanborne