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The Collective Podcast

I had the lovely opportunity to speak with and exchange ideas with Ash Thorp on his super rad podcast, The Collective Podcast. I highly recommend you give it a listen, there are loads of useful and entertaining tidbits throughout each episode.

During the episode, we talk about a list of people, books and things I admire and find helpful that I had sent Ash. Well, I thought it’d be of interest to others so I’m like to share it here.

Forgive me if I mis-title somebody.



Natasha Allegri - Bee And Puppycat Creator
Absolutely hilarious and an amazing draftsman. Just looking through her drawings gives you a sense of the humor and heart behind the show.

Skronked (Andy Ristaino) - Character Designer
Dude is an infinite well of awesome character ideas. Gahhhhhhhh @.@

Ghostshrimp (Dan James) - World Builder
Yet another bad ass. This guy is pure genius. Beautiful layouts. And he recently did an episode on The Collective Podcast too!

John K - Creator of Ren & Stimpy
All around animation genius. Lots of juicy bits about story process and drawing technique. Plus, Ren and Stimpy! Duh.

Alex Grigg - Photoshop Animation Techniques
This guy is incredible. Fantastic animation chops and design sensibility. This video encapsulates the best Photoshop Animation tips and tricks I’ve ever seen. Very thorough and inspiring.

Rad Sechrist - Figure Drawing
I am not great at drawing, but this guy is a fantastic teacher who posts his lecture notes and they make a lot of sense to me. Especially when thinking about silhouette and character form.

Bahi JD - Animation
Every time I visit this blog, I want to quit. SO good.



The Art of Ooo
GET THIS BOOK. It’s like taking a tour through the creators’ brains. Chock full of creative nourishment.

The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams
Animation 101. It’s where I believe one interested in animation should start. And they created a sweet iPad app that translates the entire book with interactive motion examples.


Adventure Time Storyboards
I love that Frederator has been so transparent about their process. I especially love reading through their storyboards to get a sense of structure and visual storytelling approach. So much interesting stuff.

AnimDessin2 - Free Photoshop Animation Extension
If you’re at all interested in animating within Photoshop. This free plugin will save your life. A deadly combo when used with the knowledge from Alex Grigg’s vid.

And there you have it. Enjoy!