Greg Gunn


I write articles about design, illustration and animation that will help you grow and develop as a creative.

My Process For How To Come Up With Ideas That Work


Do you ever struggle with thinking of an idea? Me too—all the time. Here’s how I overcome that creative block.

So far, it has worked well for me. And I think it will work well for you too.

In this video with The Futur, I take you on a journey inside of my head. All the while I narrate my thinking and decision making process as I make an illustration using Procreate on my iPad. There are time lapses, reference sources, very cute dogs and personal stories about where I look for inspiration. You will even see my face talking and moving on camera. Crazy, right?

Mostly importantly though, by the end of the video you will be armed with a framework for developing an idea that can be applied to any project.

So at this point, you really have to ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I watch this video?”