Greg Gunn

Future Taco Meow

Future Taco Meow


After an electrifying jam session Ozzi, Max and Stew—aka Future! Taco! Meow!—celebrate in true garage band fashion: with lots of high-fives. But in the thrill of the moment, lead keyboardist and self-proclaimed “hundredaire”, Max, lets his imagination get the best-friend of him. And by best, we of course mean worst.


About the Project

Future! Taco! Meow! is a fusion of my admiration for animation and making music. The story draws upon personal experience in the early 2000’s Los Angeles music scene. And tacos.

This short was initially commissioned in 2014 by Disney XD as part of their animated shorts program.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Future! Taco! Meow! world or would like access to a press kit, give me a shout.


Making Of

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Created, Written and Directed by Greg Gunn and Reza Rasoli

Dan Millstein as Stew/Max’s ego
Jesse Benjamin as Max
Kat Palardy as Ozzi

Storyboard Artist: Ben Kendall
Character Design: Chuck BB, Maximus Pauson
Character Art Direction: Tuna Bora
Background Art Direction: Paul Kim
Prop Design: Wendy Park
Animation: Rachel Yonda, Ross Plaskow, Michael Relth, Oliver Wee
Music, Sound and Mix: Adam Sanborne