Method - We’re All In This Together

What is it about air travel that brings out the ...quirks, in people? This fun little animation reminds you that although you're seated next to some maniac, we're all in this together. If you fly Virgin anytime soon, you'll catch it playing in the preflight videos on your seat screen.

This was as fun to make as it is to watch. During the production process, we developed an interesting animation technique combining cel animation with After Effect's puppet tool. I think the result looks pretty darned good, and the client loved it.

For a thorough making- of, go here.

Also, if you're a frequent After Effects Puppet Tool user, check out this handy script I wrote to make your animating life easier.


Director: Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt & Reza Rasoli
(Three Legged Legs)
Client: Method
Production Company: Green Dot Films
Music: Human Music