Greg Gunn

Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild

As the younger and wilder sibling in the National Geographic family, Nat Geo Wild prides itself on examining the fun and outlandish side of the animal world.

To capture their colorful spirit, we created a series of unique ID's that blend different animation techniques. Each piece drops you into a cinematic, animal point-of-view – following them hunt, chase, and hop through a lush, illustrative world.



Client: Nat Geo Wild
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Production Company: Blind
Producer: Scott Rothstein
Art Director: Ian Kim
Designers: Hana Yean, Daniel Christian Kim, Emily Xie
Animators: Daniel Zhang, Yong Kim, Henry Pak, Julia Wright, Hana Yean (cel), Dylan Spears (cel)
Compositors: Lawrence Wyatt, Greg Gunn
Storyboards: Dakota Warren
Sound: Echolab