Greg Gunn

Owens Corning

The Panther Touch

The Pink Panther is an icon of mid-century, American animation. He was originally animated by the exceptional animation studio, DePatie-Freleng Enterprises–so bringing such a classic character like this into the modern era was a childhood dream come true. Not to mention a delicate feat that calls for a certain type of skill.


To launch this rosy rascal into the digital screens of today, I worked closely with Doner and Owens Corning to shape a pair of physical-comedy infused spots melding live action, character animation and photoreal CG effects into one, unified world oozing with panther panache.



Client: Owens Corning
Director: Greg Gunn
Production Company: Blind
DP: Florian Stadler
Line Producer: Rick Brown
Post Producer: Scott Rothstein
VFX Supervisor: Olaf Wendt
Technical Director: Daniel Zhang
Designers: Ayla Kim, Mier Lee, Paul Kim
2D Animators: Aly Tain, Oliver Wee, Peter Jay Lee, Régis Camargo, Moving Colour
Compositors: Andrew Tan
Modelers: Crazy Horse Effects
Storyboard Artist: Ben Kendall, Brian Cho
Matte Painters: Paul Kim, Mara Smalley
Character Illustrator: Chuck BB, Maggie Chiang, Sadie Han