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Burn In

Burn In - User Guide

For Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2 (version 13.2) and up


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Installing Burn in

  1. Double-click GGUNN Burn In to expand it, and open the GGUNN Burn In v1.0 folder. Inside, you'll find the preset file, GGUNN_Burn In.ffx

  2. Copy GGUNN_Burn In.ffx to your user presets folder. This folder location varies with your operating system and your version of After Effects, but typically you’ll find them here—

    Mac: ~/Documents/Adobe/After Effects CC 2015/User Presets
    Win: My Documents\Adobe\After Effects CC 2015\User Presets

  1. If After Effects is open, restart it.

  2. Under the Effects & Presets panel, navigate twirl down User Presets and you should see GGUNN Box Text.

Using Burn In

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“Missing Effect” Error Message

Depending on your version of After Effects, you may see a “missing effect” warning when launching the preset or opening a project that uses it. It's annoying, but harmless. Click OK to get past the message and use the preset normally.



  • 2016-03-30 Version 1.0 released