Stretch: Facebook Messenger Stickers


A set of animated stickers featuring a very limber dog named Stretch.

Facebook Messenger animated stickers - A dog named stretch

Year of the Dog Walker


Ongoing illustration series celebrating canines and street fashion.

Illustration series Year Of The Dog Walker celebrating street fashion

Color For Creatives

Video Course

My online course teaching color theory and building color palettes.

Color For Creatives online course about color theory

Through The Window

Personal Project

Every day life, framed.

Illustration series about looking at life through a window

Lost In The Woods

Personal Project

Sometimes getting lost is a delight.

Illustration about a cute dog getting lost in the woods

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids | Social Service LA

Limited edition poster for an intimate performance in Los Angeles.

Show poster design for Cold War Kids private performance in Los Angeles

Splendid Weirdos

Personal Project

A family of colorful friends and a set of animated iOS Message stickers.

Colorful and cute family of circle shaped characters named Splendid Weirdos

Lower Dens & Priests

Social Service LA

Limited edition poster for a private show in Los Angeles.

Show poster for Lower Dens and Priests performance in Los Angeles, CA


Personal Project

They can see you (and probably hear you too).

Illustration of an eye staring -  privacy versus privacy

How To Not Suck At Color

The Futur

Illustration for an educational video and Medium article about the basics of using color in graphic design and illustration.

Illustration for an educational video about how not suck at color


Personal Project

With your heart and your mind.

Illustration and animated gif of people's hands holding a flag encouraging you to vote

Natural Pet Shampoo

J.R. Liggett’s

All natural bar shampoo for the furry friend in your life.

Illustration of a cute dog for J.R. Liggett’s Pet Shampoo bars

Mythical Mondays

Personal Project

A year long personal challenge to create one animated gif a week celebrating my adoration for creatures of folklore.

Mythical Mondays - a series of animated gifs dedicated to various mythical creatures around the world

10 Year Anniversary


Illustration and animated gif to celebrate the special day.

Illustration and animated gif celebrating NerdWallet’s 10 year anniversary

Trick Or Treat (Or Die)

Personal Project

A gritty, spooky tribute to my favorite holiday.

Illustration of a skull masked man holding a bat and trick or treating

Hail Santa

Personal Project

If Mr. Clause were into heavy metal.

Animated gif of Santa as a headbanging metal head playing a flying V guitar

The Guitarist


Illustration and animated gif for the Southern California based band.

Animated of a guitar strumming character for the band Peoplemover


Little Labs Gallery

The meme incarnate.

Illustration of the mythical creature Slenderman walking through the forest

Future! Taco! Meow!


An animated short film about a goofy garage band and how they deal with the excitement and consequence of fame.

Disney animated short film Future! Taco! Meow!

Jeff Buckley “Just Like A Woman”

Sony Music

A unique, interactive music video that allows you to choose the outcome (and music) of a romantic relationship.

Illustration and design for an interactive Jeff Buckley music video for Just Like A Woman

Wild Perspective

Nat Geo WILD

Series of vibrant and and textural animated IDs for the younger sibling of National Geographic channel.

Series of colorful animal animations for Nat Geo Wild

The Panther Touch

Owens Corning

A blend of live action and classic animation featuring the original Pink Panther himself.

Animated Pink Panther commercial for Owens Corning

Core Values


10 animated mini films explaining the core values of Santa Monica based design studio, Blind.

Series of short animations about a circle and rectangle for Blind's core values

Yule Log 2.0

Yule Log 2.0 Project

My contribution to an animation-interpreted compilation of New York City’s beloved Yule Log.

Yule Log of Love animation loop


99 Cents Only Stores

Neatly arranged, every day objects brought to life using stop motion animation.

Stop motion commercial for 99 Cents Only Stores

The Last Ship


An anthemic marketing video to promote Sting’s Broadway musical debut.

Animated commercial for Sting's broadway play The Last Ship

Morning Block


A montage show highlights with animated, hand drawn type punctuating the hosts’ remarks.

Animated hand lettering for ESPN Morning Block

We’re All In This Together

Virgin America / Method Soap

A pre-flight, animated musical about being courteous and considerate to your sky neighbors.

We're All In This Together - animated inflight video for Virgin airlines and Method soap

Crazy Beliefs

Starbucks | BBDO New York

A silly, paper-style animation busting old myths about what you think you know.

Animated commercial for Starbucks coffee

Shed Some Light

Georgia Power| Agency

A friendly reminder to not take the warmth of that energy and light near you for granted.

Georgia Power - animated commercial


GE | BBDO New York

Epic and comedic branded short film about the importance of ingenuity when overcoming obstacles.

Samurai - animated fable for GE's branded content

Our Grid

SRP | Cramer-Krasselt

It’s electric!

SRP - animated commercial for Arizona electric company

Monsters of Nascar

Sprint | Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

A high octane commercial shot on the Las Vegas speedway where Greg worked alongside acclaimed director, Michael Mann.

Animated commercial for Sprint's Monsters of Nascar

Piece Of Me, Piece Of You

Microsoft | 72andSunny

Zombie puppets run amok spreading infectious new dance moves to anyone crossing their path.

Zombie puppet animation for Microsoft Zune

N.A.S.A. “Gifted”

N.A.S.A. | Spectrophonic Sound

A psychedelic music video exploring the depths and delusions of going mad in outer space.

Animated music video for N.A.S.A.’s song Gifted featuring Kanye West, Santogold and Lykke Li

Introducing Matrix


A series of clever, animated, visual metaphors introducing Tangoe’s ground breaking software, Matrix.

Animated commercial for Tangoe software Matrix

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