Abstract background made up of deep blue gradients with The Futur logo in black centered inside of it.

Designing The Futur(e) of Education

Below you’ll find an assortment of brand and marketing design I’ve created and art directed at The Futur.

We’re a content-driven education company, so there is always a careful balance to strike between grabbing attention and brand consistency across design, marketing, and content teams.

My Role:
Creative Director / Designer

The Problem

The Futur is a scrappy design-education start-up. We’re constantly growing and trying new things, which means things get messy. When people can’t find what they’re looking for, teams experience unnecessary friction and avoid collaboration. And our community gets an inconsistent brand experience.

Start At The Beginning

To combat that impending mess, we needed to get organized. So my first priority was consolidating (and structuring) all of our brand assets into Figma. Having a centralized, visual space for everything makes collaboration between teams easier and keeps it all tidy.

I’m in the process of building a proper design system for both our brand and website. The next batch of images is an extension of that work-in-progress system.

I took over production and started co-hosting The Futur Podcast with our CEO in 2019. It was an essential but neglected part of our content funnel, and I saw a growth opportunity there.

I learned all I could about improving podcast production, developed a marketing plan for the show, and grew it into a thriving, independent content arm for The Futur.

It’s grown over 300% since my stewardship and now earns consistent monthly revenue.

With over 2 million subscribers The Futur’s YouTube channels are the entry point for many customers. And behind every great video is a captivating thumbnail that draws in the viewer.

Outside of designing countless video thumbnails, I’ve also planned, shot, and published a handful of design education videos for our channels. Together they’ve garnered more than 1 million views and contributed to course and product sales.

Product Marketing Design

We ship new courses and products every quarter. It’s our core source of revenue, so the product (and marketing) design needs to do some work. Fortunately, I love bringing the design and marketing teams together to build products from scratch.

Below are a few examples of product and marketing design for launches I’ve worked on with our team.



Minhye Cho, Greg Gunn


Stephanie Owens