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Greg Gunn is an American illustrator, animator and creative director in Los Angeles, CA. He’s here to help people share their big ideas with the world and feel good about it.

Photo of illustrator, designer and animator, Greg Gunn, in his studio

Greg is part creative professional, part artist and whole believer in the power of helping other people.

His whimsical, vibrant, and character driven work has brought smiles (and more business) to wonderful clients like Disney, Facebook, Microsoft, Starbucks, NerdWallet and Google.

By day, Greg works for The Futur, a design-education company helping creatives all over the world earn a living doing what they love. He co-hosts The Futur Podcast, produces educational content for YouTube and teaches aspiring creatives how to not suck with color.

In his free time, he creates original artwork for Instagram and bestows knowledge, experience, and inspiration through a weekly newsletter strangely named, TLDR.

If you need help with your big idea or have a question about the services Greg offers, then please send him an email.



Creative Direction
Color Branding
Character Design
Story Development
Creative Consulting
Content Development
Video Production
Press, podcasts and interviews - illustration of a microphone

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