Pro Palettes - Vol. 1

Bring more color variety into your work with these 20 unique, curated color palettes.

This is a digital download, not a physical book.

Picking the right color is hard.

And picking additional colors to go with it is even harder. With Pro Palettes you can explore all kinds of new color themes without worrying about if they look good together. Because the hard part is done.

Quit using the same old colors. Add more variety to your work without reinventing the color wheel.

Tired of using the same color schemes for everything? I’ve been there. You want to explore new palettes, but it’s a pain to make your own. And the free ones don’t really cut it. You need something unique and flexible, which is exactly what I built Pro Palettes to be.

Curated with care

Pro Palettes - Vol. 1 comes with a set of 20 bespoke color palettes. Each palette includes 5 base colors with 9 tints/shades for a total of 45 colors per palette. You will never run out of combinations.

PDF Guidebook

You also get a 194 page PDF guidebook with an array of color combo suggestions and example uses for design elements, illustration, gradients and typography.

Ready to go

These palettes don’t waste time. Each one comes ready to import into your favorite app: Adobe ASE, Procreate swatches, Figma color styles or good old-fashioned HEX values.

What you get:

  • 20 unique color palettes
  • 194 page PDF Guidebook
  • Adobe ASE swatches
  • Procreate swatches
  • Figma color styles
  • HEX values for every color

Ready to bring more colorful ideas to the table?