Greg Gunn

Jeff Buckley

Interactive music video for Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Just Like A Woman”

Jeff Buckley “Just Like A Woman”

“Just Like A Woman” is an interactive, animated music video for Jeff Buckley’s rendition of the song. The story, how the characters feel and the music is all decided by the viewer’s actions.


Featured in:

Rolling Stone
Baeble Music
Tech Crunch

Designing The Experience

Above is a brief making-of video that pulls back the curtain and talks about how several teams from all over the world joined forces to make this video.



Label: Sony
Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Interactive Development: Interlude
Executive Producer: Yoni Bloch (Interlude)
Interactive Director: Tal Zubalsky (Interlude)
Producer: Scott Rothstein
Art Directors: Paul Kim, Greg Gunn
Designers: Angie Son, Chuck BB
Technical Director: Daniel Zhang
Animators: Matthew Everton, Ross Plaskow,
Peter J. Lee, Rachelle Moon
Music: Jeff Buckley “Just Like A Woman”
Composer: Daniel Koren