Jeff Buckley “Just Like A Woman”

It’s not every day you’re given a chance to work on something special—let alone collaborate with a creative soul that left such a beautiful mark on the world.

Jeff’s performance of this song—originally by Bob Dylan—is sensational. It’s as if he imagined there was an orchestra behind him while he performed. We wanted to make a video that captured that drama and give him that orchestra.

To celebrate the discovery of unreleased Jeff Buckley music we created an animated, interactive video for the late singer’s rendition of “Just Like A Woman.”

The video weaves together story, music and technology into a unique experience that allows users to control how the characters feel.

The end result is a beautiful mixture of artistry from many disciplines. The development team, Interlude, built new technology to achieve the desired effect. And with a blessing from Jeff’s mother, supplemental orchestration was recorded to bolster the original song.


Designing The Experience

Below you’ll find a brief making-of video that pulls back the curtain and talks about several teams from all over the world joined forces to make this video.



Label: Sony
Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Greg Gunn
Interactive Development: Interlude
Executive Producer: Yoni Bloch (Interlude)
Interactive Director: Tal Zubalsky (Interlude)
Producer: Scott Rothstein
Art Directors: Paul Kim, Greg Gunn
Designers: Angie Son, Chuck BB
Technical Director: Daniel Zhang
Animators: Matthew Everton, Ross Plaskow,
Peter J. Lee, Rachelle Moon
Music: Jeff Buckley “Just Like A Woman”
Composer: Daniel Koren