Puppet Tools 3

Rig a character in After Effects with one click.

Laptop with Adobe After Effects open showing an animated character rig and the Puppet Tools 3 UI.

Rigging a character in Adobe After Effects takes time to do right. And it's not easy.

That’s exactly why I built Puppet Tools 3. It’s easy to learn, even easier to use and takes the headache out of making a great character rig. And you can use it to rig any kind of artwork—Illustrator, Photoshop, PNGs, Shape Layers, you name it. And all with 1-click.

Controllers for everything

Build and customize controllers for any kind of artwork—Photoshop, Illustrator, PNG, Shape Layers, and Mask points.

Character rigging on easy mode

Easily rig a character with IK in minutes and with only a few clicks. Comes with a free practice rig to help you get started.

Pin-point control

Create custom controllers and connect them to any point on a shape layer or mask path.

Puppet Tools perks

  • 1-click IK set up
  • Works with After Effects' native Puppet Tool effect
  • Make custom controllers for anything
  • Works with any type of artwork—vector, raster, shape layers, and masks
  • Add controllers to Shape Layer and Mask path points
Screenshot of the Puppet Tools 3 script UI in Adobe After Effects.