Puppet Tools 3

Rig a character in After Effects with one click.

Do you struggle with complex animation rigs in After Effects? I get it. Rigging a character is tough. And it takes time to do it right.

That’s exactly why I built PuppetTools. It’s easy to learn, even easier to use and takes the headache out of making a great character rig. And you can use it to rig any kind of artwork—Illustrator, Photoshop, PNGs, Shape Layers, you name it. And all with 1-click.

Build and customize controllers for any kind of artwork—Photoshop, Illustrator, PNG, Shape Layers, Mask points, etc.

Rig a character in minutes. Comes with a free practice rig!

If you’re running CC 2018 or newer, you can make controls for Shape Layer and Mask paths!

What you get:

1-click IK set up
Make custom controllers for anything
Works with any type of artwork (PSD, AI, Transparency)
Supports shape layer and mask path points
Super easy to use

Less clicking, more animating.