Greg Gunn

Puppet Tools 3 After Effects Script

Rig Like A Pro, In 1-Click.


Do you struggle with complex animation rigs in After Effects? I get it. Rigging a character is tough. And it takes time to do it right.

That’s exactly why I built PuppetTools. It’s easy to learn, even easier to use and takes the headache out of making a great character rig. And you can use it to rig any kind of artwork—Illustrator, Photoshop, PNGs, Shape Layers, you name it. And all with 1-click.


PuppetTools 3

For After Effects CS4 and newer


Save Time And Simplify Your Workflows

Puppet Tools 3 is the best way to rig and animate characters in After Effects. It's designed to work with the native puppet tool and makes working with characters a breeze.

  • 1-Click to create controllers for your puppet pins
  • 1-Click to set up an IK system
  • Name your controllers whatever you want
  • Automatically parent joints together