Future! Taco! Meow!

Future! Taco! Meow! is an animated short film about a group of friends and their young garage band. The trio write a killer new song together and after celebrating their catchy tune one member gets a big head about it… literally.

I had the honor of working with the wonderful folks at Disney to pitch, write, develop and produce this short for their animated shorts program.

My Role:


Written and Directed by
Greg Gunn and Reza Rasoli

Dan Millstein as Stew/Max’s ego
Jesse Benjamin as Max
Kat Palardy as Ozzi

Ben Kendall

Character Design
Chuck BB, Maximus Pauson

Character Art Direction
Tuna Bora

Background Art Direction
Paul Kim

Prop Design
Wendy Park

Rachel Yonda, Ross Plaskow, Michael Relth, Oliver Wee

Music, Sound Design and Mix
Adam Sanborne