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Improving membership experience and adding new product features.

The Futur Pro Group is a thriving community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The group's purpose is to provide a centralized space for members to network, collaborate, and help each other by sharing their entrepreneurial experiences.

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Design Director, Product Designer
Gray Apple iMac mockup featuring the dashboard screen of the website over a blue background.

The Pro Group hosts several video meetups every week that feature guest speakers and provide invaluable insights. But after accruing more than 700 videos we decided it was time to build a home for them. This web app would give members access to a library of searchable videos they can watch any time.

Side by side layout of a dark and light version of a circular logo design for The Futur Pro Group.
Three rows of gray, blue, and yellow color swatches that make up the website's palette.
Screenshot of the design system and documentation of The Futur Pro Group web app
Screen mock up of Library page featuring a grid of videos
Screen mock up of Topics page featuring a grid of portraits from guest speakers.
Screen mock up of the Video page featuring an example video of Chris Do giving a presentation.
Screen mock up of a modal offering a membership upgrade.
Screen mock up of the Profile and Settings page featuring a form to update profile information.

One customer pain point we also addressed was the lack of agency over their account information. We designed a custom account management page that allowed members to update their profile information, change or cancel their plan, and download invoices without having to email customer service.

Close up crop of the Account Settings page
Neatly arranged grid of screens using a mobile layout
Three phone screen mockups featuring the Dashboard, Video, and Library pages.
Animated gif showing the opening and closing animation of the mobile navigation.



The Futur

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Greg Gunn

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Andrea Jelić