Collection of neatly arranged screens from The Futur Pro Group web app design floating over a blue background.
UX/UI Design
Product Design

The Futur Membership Dashboard

The Futur Membership is a thriving community of over 800 like-minded creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. The group lives on Circle where it provides a safe and supportive space for members to network, collaborate, and help each other scale their creative practice.

My Role:
Product Designer / UX/UI Designer
Screenshot of The Futur Membership Circle community home page

The Problem

In 2022, the community added a significant amount of new members. Although the Circle community was buzzing with activity, we heard from many users that the member-exclusive resources (e.g., videos, lectures, templates, guidebooks) were difficult to locate. We also received an influx of customer service emails about help with account management.

Gray Apple iMac mockup featuring the dashboard screen of the website over a blue background.

How might we…

Create a centralized space for members to intuitively find the resources available in their membership and provide agency over their account management?

Screen mock up of Library page featuring a grid of videos

The Solution

After speaking with several members (and hosting many brainstorms), we decided the best way to achieve this goal was to build a dedicated web app. The app would provide a home for all member resources and grant them agency over their account information.

This would be the first of many steps toward building a robust dashboard for members to log in to and maximize their community experience.

Side by side layout of a dark and light version of a circular logo design for The Futur Pro Group.
Three rows of gray, blue, and yellow color swatches that make up the website's palette.
Screenshot of the design system and documentation of The Futur Pro Group web app
Screen mock up of Topics page featuring a grid of portraits from guest speakers.
Screen mock up of the Video page featuring an example video of Chris Do giving a presentation.
Screen mock up of a modal offering a membership upgrade.
Screen mock up of the Profile and Settings page featuring a form to update profile information.
Close up crop of the Account Settings page
Neatly arranged grid of screens using a mobile layout
Three phone screen mockups featuring the Dashboard, Video, and Library pages.
Animated gif showing the opening and closing animation of the mobile navigation.


How my work contributed
As the sole designer on this project, I wore many different hats. I developed user flows, designed the UX/UI, designed the dashboard and tertiary pages, and partnered closely with the COO and Development Team to ensure the first iteration of the app made a strong impression.

Critical skills needed
Patience and planning. Our team may be small, but we’re scrappy and hold ourselves to high standards. With limited bandwidth and a backlog of existing priorities, having a clear long-term plan and continuing to make progress were crucial.

Biggest obstacle
Resources versus complexity. Building a web app like this in Webflow was a challenge. We were able to use our existing design system and components from our marketing site to create a consistent visual experience, but the added complexity of tiered member access created development obstacles. Ultimately, we connected Webflow and our paid membership platform together via Zapier, but we exhausted many other development options along the way.


Community Manager

Andres Ramirez

Product Designer

Greg Gunn


Ben Burns

Webflow Development

FRI3NDS Agency